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ALPFA Convention 2023 - A monumental achievement that brought together over 5,400 registrants, 100 Corporate Partners, 140+ workshops, and 15+ Stage Events!

We did it! Our first 5,000-person plus event is in the books!

The curtains have closed on an extraordinary chapter as we proudly wrap up our monumental achievement: ALPFA Foundation, Inc – Association of Latino Professionals For America Convention 2023! This year’s convention brought a record-breaking 5,400+ registrants, 100+ Corporate Partners, 140+ workshops, and 15+ Main Stage Events!

This triumph marked a remarkable milestone for us and a significant leap forward for the community. Our success in partnering to create a place of respect, innovation, and community for all the attendees has shown the profound effectiveness of the SafeSpace Plus ™ CARE framework.

We heard from attendees, sponsors, speakers, leaders, and partners about the resonance of the message and effectiveness of the execution, fostering a culture of informed accountability and the behaviors that define a true SafeSpace Plus ™

Using technology seamlessly to improve human interaction was deeply impactful through these innovative touchpoints:

🔐 Harnessing the Power of Registration: Every participant embraced the ethos of a SafeSpace by signing the code of conduct during registration before receiving their access badge. This conscious pledge underscored their commitment to our collective vision.

📱 Instant Access to Incident Reporting: Empowering everyone, we embedded a direct link to SafeSpace Plus™ Incident reporting within the convention Cvent app – the hub of schedules, speakers, and events. This real-time channel ensured a swift response mechanism.

🔔 Strategic Notifications: In the spirit of unity, we tactfully employed notifications, gently reminding people of expected conduct during pivotal junctures – particularly at evening events – harmonizing enjoyment with professionalism.

Data tells us that the best deterrent and prevention mechanism to misconduct is the awareness that someone cares and is vigilant; our experience corroborated it. We catalyzed an environment where we collectively flourished, fostering collaboration, co-creation, and profound community bonds – all within the context of deep mutual respect.

🌟 Trailblazing Together: A Pinnacle of Progress
The Latine community stands at the forefront of our Global economy. ALPFA Foundation, Inc. – Association of Latino Professionals For America the nation’s largest and oldest Latine organization, unified sponsors, allies, and our community, challenging antiquated norms and consciously eliminating any forms of exclusion.

🌆 A Grand and Expansive Canvas: Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center
The event organizers seamlessly orchestrated thousands of square feet of concurrent sessions in a mesmerizing tapestry of engagement, including career fairs, workshops, and evening events. Barring the ability to “energize” and be everywhere, our strategically placed QR codes gave them eyes and ears across the event enabling four accountable leaders to remain vigilant, ensuring prompt response to incidents.

⚙️ Empowered Leadership: Prepared for Every Contingency

Before the event, our leaders were armed with comprehensive strategies to address diverse incidents – harassment, bullying, discrimination, and more. Their poised actions were a testament to their preparedness, radiating confidence as they navigated challenges.

The unwavering passion and energy of Damian Rivera and the visionary commitment of Anthony Curtis are trailblazing in building safe, prosperous, and innovative communities. 

Our heartfelt gratitude extends to the indefatigable team – Selene Benavides, MBA Jennylee RamosJennifer Paulino , Ann Marquez (she/her/ella)Zuhaly Ramon our committed volunteer leaders – Adriana Ortiz, LMSW and Bianca Santini-Dumas and Estevan Torres Jr., our new friends’ allies and supporters – Crystal Hardie LangstonFrances Rios, and Jennifer Rodriguez, our student leader Luis Sepulveda, our chapter leaders such as Garrett Oliveira Laura Oliveira Amber Acosta Alejandra Rodríguez Mielke, PhD, ACC (she/ella) Rachel Fisher Emma Garcia Purvis (she/her/hers), and everyone else who are cheering us on to continue to make a difference.

Together we are creating a paradigm shift – the inception of a promising era for the generations that follow and a transformation for us in the present. Let’s boldly redefine norms and create a legacy of inclusivity and security.

Our commitment at The Inclusion Plus Institute is steadfast: create a better world, one organization, one event at a time.

Juntos, together… SafeSpace Plus for all.


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