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Venus Piñeyro

CEO and Founder

In today's rapidly evolving workplace landscape, addressing issues of misconduct and harassment is more crucial than ever. Our latest infographic paints a sobering picture of the challenges in our professional environments.

📊 Shining a Light on Workplace Misconduct: The Unsettling Reality

Did you know?

3 out of 4 individuals have either directly experienced or witnessed misconduct at work. This alarming statistic from the Workplace Bullying Institute reveals a pressing need for change.

🚫 Breaking Down the Numbers

A staggering 75% of employees have reported being targets of or witnesses to bullying and misconduct, impacting an estimated 79.3 million U.S. workers. The toll is not just emotional; workplace sexual harassment carries a heavy financial burden. Deloitte’s research shows that it costs an average of $2.6 billion in lost productivity, with an average of $1,053 per victim.

💼 Economic Consequences

Harassment lawsuits alone amount to a staggering $404 million annually, according to the EEOC. This financial toll emphasizes the urgency of creating respectful, safe workplaces for everyone.

👩‍💼 Equality and Inclusion in the Spotlight

Keynote speakers at tech conferences, especially women, often face unsettling challenges. Ensono’s Speak Up 2020 report highlights that 4 out of 10 women delivering keynotes at tech conferences reported instances of sexual harassment.

🎉 Promoting Safe Spaces Everywhere

It’s not just within office walls; festivals, too, can be marred by incidents of assault and harassment. A concerning 22% of festival-goers have faced such situations, with the number rising to 30% for women, as reported by YouGov.

🗣️ A Voice Against Harassment

The American Working Conditions Survey (AWCS) reveals a distressing reality: 20% of American workers have encountered verbal abuse, unwanted sexual attention, threats, or humiliating behavior in their workplaces.

💬 Harassment in the Digital Age

Harassment transcends traditional boundaries, infiltrating the digital realm. The 2021 State of Workplace Harassment study exposes that over a third (38%) of employees have experienced harassment through email, video conferencing, chat apps, or phone calls.

🌈 A Call for Change

Highlighting the urgency for change, the Trust Radius Women In Tech Report 2021 underscores that 50% of women and two-thirds of Queer workers have experienced sexual harassment at work. This statistic is a powerful reminder that we have a long road to building inclusive, safe workplaces.

Together, let’s amplify our commitment to fostering respectful, inclusive workplaces. We must tackle these challenges head-on, ensuring everyone can thrive without fear. The journey towards a brighter, more equitable professional environment starts with us.


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