SafeSpace Plus™

Share Your Voice: Building a Safer Professional World Together

Dear Community,
As the founder of SafeSpace Plus™, inspired by firsthand experiences of professional misconduct, we’re addressing a critical but often ignored issue: the prevalence of misconduct in workplaces. Our anonymous survey aims to uncover the reality of these issues, advocating for a professional world rooted in respect and safety.

Understanding the hesitancy to share personal stories, we assure complete anonymity, offering an option to leave contact details only for those willing to aid in developing preventive measures.

Your participation is crucial. By sharing your experiences, you contribute to shining a light on misconduct, helping to create a safer, more inclusive professional environment for everyone.

Thank you for joining us in this important effort.
Venus Piñeyro, Creator of SafeSpace Plus™

Together, we can build the awareness needed to inspire action. Share your story, join our movement, and let's create a world where professional events are safe spaces for everyone.

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