SafeSpace Plus™

Venus Piñeyro

CEO and Founder

Venus's journey is a testament to resilience and vision. Her experience of harassment at an industry event drove her to create SafeSpace Plus™, building safe environments for all.

From Personal Experience to a Global Movement: The Birth of SafeSpace Plus ™

In the mosaic of life, some stories stand out, not just for their narrative but for their transformative impact. Venus Piñeyro’s journey from Monterrey, Mexico, to the high-powered boardrooms of the U.S. is one such tale. Leaving the shadows of domestic violence behind, she navigated the intricacies of life in Fortune 10 tech organizations. Venus’ chronicle is a masterclass in resilience and vision. After experiencing harassment at an industry event, she saw clearly that she had to do something to use all of her experiences to build a better place for her daughter, culminating in the groundbreaking initiative – SafeSpace Plus ™.

In our digital age, defined by connectivity and transparency, we experience the benefit of creating knowledge at an immense speed, and we have to deal with the danger of people behaving in a way that hinders our creativity and ability to contribute fully. An overwhelming 99% of workplace and event misconduct incidents go unreported and unaddressed, with far-reaching impacts on productivity, engagement, and innovation that dim our creative human potential.

Understanding why organizational cultures and the events that they hold accept professional misconduct requires a deliberate and thoughtful examination. Is it a systemic lapse, is there fear of retribution, are there no consequences for harassment, discrimination, or bullying, or is it simply a situation where addressing misconduct hasn’t become a priority, and hence the expectations for what is accepted have not been clearly defined and communicated?

Venus started SafeSpace Plus ™ on the premise that people want to behave well, and sometimes what “well” means is obscured by the personal biases we all undeniably live with. Her approach validated the adage’s wisdom, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Doing nothing is not a constructive option. Letting culture create itself leads to unease, disillusionment, and distrust. Organizations are often unaware that they are already paying dearly when they do not have SafeSpaces, whether in the form of legal consequences or the unseen costs of disengagement and employee burnout. These costs directly correlate with a lack of psychological and physical safety in workplaces.

We have seen that when an organization pays attention, it has a transformative effect. The foundation is not complex or complicated; it is straightforward. SafeSpace Plus ™ clarifies expectations, encourages leaders to make a visible commitment, and provides a mechanism to report in real-time and anonymously instances of misconduct. A SafeSpace for all includes a no-frills, common language code of conduct highlighting the Do’s and Don’ts for everyone to follow.

SafeSpace Plus ™ creates a better world one organization and event at a time.. It is the formula to develop trust, safety, and authentic collaboration.

So, here’s the pressing question: Is your organization merely navigating challenges or poised to champion transformative change? The future of radical innovation hinges on this answer. Let’s not just adapt; let’s pioneer. Step up, and let SafeSpace Plus ™ be the beacon guiding your organization’s journey towards inclusivity and safety.

We will end with the story’s beginning: When Venus Pineyro experienced harassment at an event, she decided to break the silence and use all of the tools in her large toolbelt to do something about it. You can do the same.


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