SafeSpace Plus™

Create a Safe Space for events and places where everyone is able to fully contribute because they feel safe, supported and face no threats.

A SafeSpace Plus encourages every participant to contribute and participate fully in an environment free from harassment where differences are embraced and used constructively for positive outcomes. Leaders and organizers can create the conditions to increase productive collaboration and reduce organizational risk.
According to the Workplace Bullying Institute, 75% of employees report being a target of or have witnessed bullying(misconduct) at work, affecting an estimated 79.3 million U.S. workers. The EEOC estimates that it collects $404 million from harassment lawsuits every year. YouGov reveals that 22% of all festival goers have faced assault or harassment, rising to 30% of women overall.  According to the Ensono Speak Up 2020 report,  39% of women who delivered keynote speeches at tech conferences reported sexual harassment.
Monica Munoz Andry
Monica Munoz AndryCEO of Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
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"I think a concept like SafeSpace Plus ™ is desperately needed to enable our communities to contribute their potential fully. I endorse it and am delighted to hear that 10% of their proceeds will provide SafeSpace Plus ™ to Austin nonprofits, eliminating barriers to create inclusive environments."
Alan Weiss
Alan WeissPhD, author of "Fearless Leadership and over 60 other works.”
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“SafeSpace Plus ™ is a concept that will help people feel safer in meetings, at conventions, and during conferences. In my 30 years of experience keynoting at such events, I’ve not seen such an innovative and critical response to the needs of everyone feeling comfortable and valued."
Jason Rodriguez
Jason RodriguezCEO Zpryme
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“Making the Energy Thought Summit a SafeSpace Plus ™ event enhanced our conference, promoting collaboration in an environment free from harassment. As a CEO working to advance the Energy sector, I am convinced that an approach such as SafeSpace Plus ™ will increase our ability to boost innovation by strengthening inclusion for all."
Anthony Curtis
Anthony CurtisSr. Director, Global Tax Strategy and Tax Controversy Leader / Chairman of the ALPFA National Board
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“I like the sound of visionary commitment, but the real vision is from Venus Piñeyro De Hoyos and your SafeSpace Plus ™ team for realizing the need and making it a reality where conference participants know of the code of conduct and that someone had their backs if the need arose. Congratulations!”
Jennylee Ramos
Jennylee RamosSr. Director of Operations, ALPFA National
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“...special shoutout to Venus Piñeyro De Hoyos who collaborated with us to ensure that all of our attendees had access to SafeSpace Plus ™ . We were able to keep attendees safe and protected throughout the event and beyond. You are a rockstar!”
Bianca Santini-Dumas
Bianca Santini-DumasCommunications Specialist / Director of Events, ALPFA Philadelphia
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“I want to appreciate Venus Piñeyro De Hoyos and SafeSpace Plus ™ for providing services that showcase ALPFA’s commitment to accountability for its members.”
Caren Valentina Russian Cuan
Caren Valentina Russian CuanManager of Chapter Operations at ALPFA Inc.
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“...having SafeSpace was definitely a game changer. Having so many people and guaranteeing that all of them feel that they have a space to feel heard and understood if something happens is priceless.”
Damian Rivera
Damian RiveraALPFA CEO
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“I applaud Claudia Romo-Edelman for making the Hispanic Leadership Summit a SafeSpace Plus™. We came together to share ideas and co-create our future, feeling safe to contribute our unique perspectives.”
Ana Villegas
Ana VillegasMarketing Executive and Board Member
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“Participating in the Hispanic Leadership Summit was profoundly impactful; knowing that the leaders created a Safe Space Plus™ environment where we could be fully present and feel safe to participate was a game changer. As leaders, we should all expect this level of care and attention to our teams' psychological and physical safety.”
Yesenia Plascencia, SPHR
Yesenia Plascencia, SPHRGlobal HR Executive
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“The Hispanic Leadership Summit ensured I could be fully present by sharing its commitment to a safe space.”
Aurora Archer
Aurora ArcherCultural Strategist to the C-Suite and CEO Founder The Opt-In™
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“Thank you, SafeSpace Plus™, for ensuring this week's Hispanic Leadership Summit allowed all of us to shine and contribute feeling completely secure.”
Monica May
Monica MayDirector, Marketing & Partner Programs | Latinx IBG Global VP @ Expedia Group
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“I was pleased to see that We Are All Human partnered with SafeSpace Plus ™, which provided tools and encouragement for every participant to contribute and fully participate in a harassment-free environment.”
Dain Dunston
Dain DunstonAuthor of Being Essential: Seven Questions for Living and Leading with Radical Self-Awareness, founding partner of Reservoir LLC.
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"No one is immune from saying or doing things we wish we hadn't done, but as social creatures, we can come together to create an agreement. That's what SafeSpacePlus does. It brings the agreement to respect and value each other into presence. And in that presence, we can connect and protect all of us."
Karen Walrond
Karen WalrondAttorney, activist and author of The Lightmaker's Manifesto
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I'm such a fan of SafeSpace -- not just because it makes attending conferences safer for attendees, but because it is, at its heart, foundational for inclusion and belonging. Through Venus and her team's work, conferences will inevitably increase the diversity of thought in their communities, resulting in more equitable experiences for their clients. SafeSpace has the potential to effectively change the corporate world, and I am here for it.

Conference and Events

Create events and gatherings that actively include all participants in a positive, welcoming, safe environment. In a SafeSpace Plus ™ event, every participant, leader, speaker, attendee, and vendor acknowledges the Code of Conduct so that their actions align with your desired outcomes. Organizers have a direct line of communication with the activities if you want to avoid any escalations and destructive communication.


Amplify your peoples contributions, creating a fast moving innovative organization where different viewpoints are welcomed and people feel safe in their activities. In a SafeSpace Plus™ organization, every member understands what is expected of them and are enabled to confidentially report incidents. Leaders are empowered to take action in a proactive and timely way minimizing risks to the organization.

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